Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Sherry,  I am so happy to support you.  Best wishes for your election as a Miami Beach commissioner on November 5th.   I have enjoyed knowing you over the many years you have been involved in city affairs and Zoning Board chair. You  have been a dedicated activist.   With your knowledge, sense of humor, and direct approach to solving situations, you will be a real asset to the commission.  

Let me know how I can help!

Nancy Liebman


Congratulations my beautiful friend, whatever support you need please let me know!

Sandra Osorio Mangini


Sherry Roberts has paid her dues to the community. She has been a stellar board member -- and now chair -- of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, a commitment that takes time, thoughtfulness, and energy. She is active in her temple, on the chamber of commerce, and was a condominium president. Her persona is unique -- she is a philanthropist and businesswoman who cares for residents and will be there for us. And so I urge you to vote for her. She can be trusted to fight for all of us, with an honesty and integrity that has been sorely lacking in our city of late.

Jo Manning


Dear Friends....

I am writing to encourage you to take a look at the candidacy of Sherry Roberts, who is running for a spot on the Miami Beach Commission.

Sherry is one of those people who has spent years in service of our community, including chairing the Board of Adjustments, very ably I must add.

As you know I have championed resident rights for awhile now, feeling that our concerns are generally placed far behind the needs of tourists, developers, and other business people on the city's list of priorities.  Resident quality of life takes  a back seat to creating more and more revenue.   While revenue is important to help keep taxes in check, there needs to be balance when setting the city's priorities and decision making.

I believe that Sherry understands that.   Her integrity is beyond reproach.  She will be fearless in doing the right things for our citizens, regardless of what might be more popular choices.

Sherry will be sending you some information outlining her experience and platform.  Please take a thoughtful look at it.  Our city needs an entire dais filled with officials of her caliber.  Many thanks, friends.   Best wishes to all..... jane

Jane P. Losson


I like your decision.  Best thing I have heard for quite a while.  Jo

Jo Asmundsson



I am supporting you and will be voting for you in this election. Here's to wishing you success in the election as it would be great to have you as one of our commissioners!



I have been an activist in Miami Beach for many years and understand the importance of electing leaders with a diverse background as well as experience in how the city works and how to make business successful. I am pleased to endorse Sherry Kaplan Roberts whom I know to be just such a candidate. She has been in a committed relationship for over 30 years and has fought for the rights of seniors, women and members of the LGBT community. She has a fair and even hand as chair of the Zoning Board, dealing with respect to all who appear, both businesses and residents.

On a more personal note she embodies what I would like for every artist’s mom. She is passionate and generous in her support of the arts, particularly theater. David, her son, is a performer in New York and she beams when she talks about him. She has been with us as we fought to protect and define the Collins Park area and she is committed to protecting the character of each of the unique neighborhoods in Miami Beach. 

I urge you to vote for her for Commissioner Group I.

Harvey J.Burstein


True friendship is a treasure and I am proud to say I share this with Sherry Kaplan Roberts.  We have worked together on a condo board in which I saw her devote hundreds of hours to bringing a building in serious disrepair to one that was praised for the state of the art renovation. I also stood with her when a few vocal owners viciously turned on her because of the costs. Even in defeat after very nasty personal attacks she showed grace and dignity. There is much to be learned about the character of a person in adversity as well as in good times and Sherry Kaplan Roberts has what it takes to be our next commissioner. 

Along with her demonstrated leadership she really has a big heart. When my 80 year-old aunt came form Cuba, she had nothing. Sherry gave me a check to buy her some new clothes and shoes and said just to tell her America welcomes her. Sherry has a great sense of humor. Working with her is rewarding and even fun.  Sherry will be great as out next commissioner.

 Barbara Grant

“Sherry Kaplan Roberts has not only been a long time friend to me but a friend to the Miami Beach Community. She is always available and easily approachable and with her no-nonsense approach to the issues, she has our best interests at heart.

She has long been an advocate for people living with Disabilities in our community and has been integral in making our voices be heard.

I am proud to support her for Commission for Miami Beach and know that she will do an exemplary job.”

R. David New

Chairman, Disability Access Committee of Miami Beach
"I believe that Sherry Roberts has the qualities and experience to be an excellent Commissioner for Miami Beach. Over the past year I have had the pleasure of meeting with Sherry and exchanging ideas about how to balance new development with preservation in our spectacular 7 square mile paradise, where every building matters. Sherry's values align with those of the community, and we need more voices like hers at the Commission.

I know that other candidates have recently entered the race and have raised a lot of money. That being said, having a complete unknown is not a good idea in our town. It took us so long just to get to the point we are at today with the preservation-based economic rebirth of Miami Beach.

Sherry Roberts has recognized the value of preservation all along and I believe she will be a great ally for Miami Beach residents. In addition, her years of service to the community show that she is not doing this just for the heck of it. She cares and has demonstrated that. This inspires young people like me to do the same."
Daniel Ciraldo


Sherry's years of community service and leadership, her business acumen and managerial skills, make her a standout in the Group 1 race.  She's demonstrated the talents required to be a constructive and successful commissioner.

Frank Del Vecchio, 301 Ocean Drive, Apt. 604, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Miami Beach has always been a City able to provide a lot to its residents. That is so because our resort town generates substantial additional revenue to supplement our property tax revenue.

Motivating a work force of career employees to suddenly spend wisely and work smarter is a real challenge in this environment.

We have the resources to provide residents the very best, world class schools, cleanliness, safety and infrastructure. We need leaders who  know we can do better. Leaders that won't settle.

We need to vote to bring Sherry Kaplan Roberts to City Hall.

Edward L. Tobin, Commissioner Miami Beach
Thank you very much to our host committee for  a great event on October 4, 2013 at the Condominium of Nancy and Norman Liebman.These activists in historic preservation, leaders of political discourse, pioneers in ethnic diversity, proponents of LGBT rights, champions of seniors, advocates of women's empowerment and supporters of the arts came together to support the candidacy of Sherry Kaplan Roberts for Miami Beach Commission Group I. This is truly a testimonial to Sherry's broad range of community service in Miami Beach.

Terry Bienstock
Ray Breslin
Harvey Burstein
Daniel Ciraldo
Marian and Frank Del Vecchio
Jeff Donnelly
Gayle Durham
Christine Florez
Honorable Luis Garcia
Nancy and Norman Liebman
Clotilde Luce
Jo and Nick Manning
Arthur Marcus
David New
Dena and Stewart Stewart
Claire and Don Tom
Sherry Kaplan Roberts has the experience, community service, knowledge and dedication required to be an outstanding commissioner.  She will balance the needs of the entire community; protecting residents' quality of life while at the same time promoting business.  She has served our city well and is the most qualified candidate in this race.

I'm pleased to support Sherry and urge you to vote for her on election day.

Sheryl Gold

co founder, GTAG Greenspace Tree Advocacy Group