Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Newsletter 10.05.13

Sherry Kaplan Roberts

Miami Beach Commission, Group I

A Proven Leader… With Our Values...For Our Time

Sherry Kaplan Roberts is a proven leader in Miami Beach with 17 years of service on Miami Beach.  Her competence is evident in her leadership (for the last 3 years) of the quasi-judicial Zoning Board of Adjustment. She has made tough decisions that directly affect the quality of life and historic preservation, balancing the needs of residents and businesses when there is a hardship presented by zoning. She is in her second term on the Miami Beach Board of Governors, serving on the Government and Business Relations Committee and the Hi-Tide sub-committee recognizing that controlling the flooding is one of the most critical issues facing Miami Beach. Her experience is relevant. She is using the same skills she will need as a commissioner; her knowledge is current and acquired first hand through diligence and research. She is a proven leader in the community known for her generous support and committee work for many civic organizations and her lobbying efforts for equal rights focusing on the needs of seniors, women, members of the LGBT community and families. She was president of her condominium for 6 years bringing a neglected building with many violations into compliance and achieving the 40-year re-certification, proving that she can make necessary difficult decisions even when they are unpopular. She is a proven leader in businessowning a successful real estate agency on Lincoln Road and serving as principal broker. As chief operations officer of the large health care practice that she co-owns, she understands budgeting, managing, compliance with government regulations, and all the business issues that are also issues in city leadership.

Sherry shares our values of family and community. She has been with her partner, Alice for 30 years. They have raised three sons who are with loving partners and who have added four wonderful grandchildren (so far) to the family. She was a devoted daughter and niece and took care of her parents as their health failed and also cared for an aunt and two uncles who had Alzheimer’s Disease. She understands the challenges of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the quality of life value of our city amenities, sports facilities and parks.  She is currently a director of Women’s Exhibit (an organization to empower women) which has co-sponsored with Mayor Matti Herrara Bower, the Miami Beach Women’s Conference.  As program chair, she was instrumental in presenting inspiring speakers to Miami Beach who have paved the way for our future leaders.  She is a Guardian member of SAVE Dade, Lambda Legal, the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Aqua Girl, and many other civic organizations and is know for generous support and passion.

Sherry Kaplan Roberts is the leader with a mission that we need for our times. She has a specific action plan to (1) address the flooding, (2) develop a realistic and specific convention center proposal, (3) redefine affordable pension and benefit packages that keep our promises to employees, (4)create a zero tolerance for corruption and wrong doing at all levels of city government and (5) work to return civility and respect to the governing process starting with the commission. She has fresh ideas uniquely paired with the leadership skills to “get it done” in a complex municipal bureaucracy. She is an independent thinker not part of a slate or coalition with other candidates or a political dynasty.

You can read more on the website www.SherryRoberts.com and see the impressive list of leaders and activists who endorse Sherry. You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 305-205-2030.